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Marc A. Schaub, Alan P. Boyle, Anshul Kundaje, Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Stanford University

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Serum uric acid

chr1:145,725,689 rs12129861
chr2:27,741,237 rs780094
chr2:171,733,225 rs4668338
chr3:15,440,556 rs6442522
chr3:177,793,107 rs1982821
chr4:9,922,167 rs16890979
chr4:9,923,004 rs734553
chr4:9,995,182 rs3775948
chr4:10,104,670 rs717615
chr4:89,052,323 rs2231142
chr5:25,087,725 rs2047267
chr5:142,441,794 rs3776331
chr6:4,512,979 rs6942328
chr6:25,607,571 rs742132
chr6:25,823,444 rs1183201
chr6:157,441,050 rs9478751
chr10:50,224,766 rs2244967
chr10:61,413,353 rs12356193
chr11:64,331,462 rs17300741
chr11:64,357,072 rs505802
chr13:44,627,788 rs17065323
chr13:103,969,491 rs4771450
chr20:7,180,056 rs6085920
chr22:26,394,724 rs8139900

This resource uses data from:
 - The NHGRI GWAS catalog (accessed August 10, 2011)
 - The ENCODE project
 - RegulomeDB
 - The HapMap project

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