Linking Disease Associations with Regulatory Information in the Human Genome - Companion website
Marc A. Schaub, Alan P. Boyle, Anshul Kundaje, Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Stanford University

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Serum calcium

chr2:27,742,603 rs780093
chr2:234,273,242 rs838705
chr3:78,353,591 rs9831754
chr3:121,993,247 rs17251221
chr3:122,003,757 rs1801725
chr6:10,163,968 rs13195786
chr6:63,160,147 rs682238
chr9:15,157,977 rs1780159
chr11:2,953,723 rs3847646
chr17:1,634,104 rs12150338
chr20:52,349,892 rs6091737

This resource uses data from:
 - The NHGRI GWAS catalog (accessed August 10, 2011)
 - The ENCODE project
 - RegulomeDB
 - The HapMap project

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