Linking Disease Associations with Regulatory Information in the Human Genome - Companion website
Marc A. Schaub, Alan P. Boyle, Anshul Kundaje, Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Stanford University

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Fasting glucose-related traits

chr1:214,159,256 rs340874
chr2:27,741,237 rs780094
chr2:169,763,148 rs560887
chr3:123,065,778 rs11708067
chr3:170,717,521 rs11920090
chr7:15,064,309 rs2191349
chr7:44,235,668 rs4607517
chr8:118,185,733 rs11558471
chr9:4,289,050 rs7034200
chr10:113,042,093 rs10885122
chr10:114,756,041 rs4506565
chr11:45,873,091 rs11605924
chr11:47,336,320 rs7944584
chr11:61,571,478 rs174550
chr11:92,708,710 rs10830963
chr12:102,875,569 rs35767
chr15:62,433,962 rs11071657

This resource uses data from:
 - The NHGRI GWAS catalog (accessed August 10, 2011)
 - The ENCODE project
 - RegulomeDB
 - The HapMap project

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