Linking Disease Associations with Regulatory Information in the Human Genome - Companion website
Marc A. Schaub, Alan P. Boyle, Anshul Kundaje, Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Stanford University

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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

chr2:111,797,458 rs17483466
chr2:231,091,223 rs13397985
chr2:242,371,101 rs757978
chr6:411,064 rs872071
chr6:417,727 rs9378805
chr6:32,578,082 rs674313
chr6:32,606,756 rs9272535
chr8:128,192,981 rs2456449
chr11:123,361,397 rs735665
chr15:56,340,896 rs7169431
chr15:70,018,990 rs7176508
chr15:83,254,708 rs783540
chr16:85,944,439 rs391525
chr16:85,975,659 rs305061
chr18:47,843,534 rs1036935
chr19:47,207,654 rs11083846
chr19:47,268,373 rs11668878

This resource uses data from:
 - The NHGRI GWAS catalog (accessed August 10, 2011)
 - The ENCODE project
 - RegulomeDB
 - The HapMap project

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