Linking Disease Associations with Regulatory Information in the Human Genome - Companion website
Marc A. Schaub, Alan P. Boyle, Anshul Kundaje, Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Stanford University

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Diastolic blood pressure

chr3:41,912,651 rs9815354
chr3:169,165,888 rs1918974
chr4:81,184,341 rs16998073
chr10:18,708,798 rs11014166
chr10:63,524,591 rs1530440
chr11:16,917,219 rs11024074
chr12:90,008,959 rs2681472
chr12:111,884,608 rs3184504
chr12:112,007,756 rs653178
chr12:115,352,731 rs2384550
chr15:75,077,367 rs1378942
chr15:75,125,645 rs6495122
chr17:47,440,466 rs16948048

This resource uses data from:
 - The NHGRI GWAS catalog (accessed August 10, 2011)
 - The ENCODE project
 - RegulomeDB
 - The HapMap project

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